Freestyle Martial Arts

ACE Freestyle is a hybrid martial art that incorporates techniques and theories from several particular martial arts.

It’s a physical and mental development program that draws on an array of combat methods from modern martial arts & traditional martial arts.

ACE Freestyle Martial Arts; forms a modern, effective and comprehensive self defence system.

Not to be confused with the competitive sport of MMA, Freestyle is a true mixed martial arts system utilising many strengths from other martial art styles in a practical format.

Freestyle training was pioneered by martial arts legend Bruce Lee who decided to develop a system with an emphasis on “practicality, flexibility, speed, and efficiency”. Bruce Lee used many different methods of training which he constantly adapted.

Since Bruce Lee, many have followed in that direction & cross trained across different disciplines. The most common & popular form of Freestyle today is the competitive sport of MMA (mixed martial arts).

Many Freestyle martial art practitioners may choose to compete in the sport of MMA as all the elements of MMA training & competition, are covered in the Freestyle curriculum.

Freestyle System Overview


Influencing styles

Health Benefits

Striking techniques

Kicking techniques

Throwing techniques

Grappling techniques

Locking and holding techniques

Pressure point techniques

Disarming weapons



Thai boxing

Kung Fu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Japanese Weaponry

Arnis / Kali



Strength & Conditioning



Cardiovascular fitness

Speed & agility

Improved hand-eye co-ordination



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