Martial Art Styles


Sport Traditional Self Defence Modern Martial Arts Weapons
Boxing Kung Fu Self Defence Seminar Freestyle Nunchaku
Kickboxing/Thai Boxing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Womens Self Defence MMA Sai
Arnis/Kali Sticks Bo/Pole/Staff




Freestyle grappling  is mix of powerful grappling systems that are commonly used in today’s popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).You will learn the strengths from many grappling martial art systems from around the world.The Freestyle Grappling class includes: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, Greco Roman Wrestling, Sambo, Freestyle Wrestling, MMA Grappling, Muay Thai grappling.

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ladies kick club

‘The ‘Sweet Science’ as it’s known, is still the most popular of all combat sports in the world. It requires amazing athleticism, discipline and most importantly TECHNICAL training!Boxing sessions incorporate technique development, shadow sparring, pad work, defensive tactics and heavy-bag drills.- See Classes for times and availability

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This class incorporates boxing, footwork, defence, kicking techniques, knees, elbows and Muay Thai grappling techniques, and most importantly how to put it all together!All training sessions include focus pads, kick pads, Thai pads & a number of other exercises to help you develop your skill level & increase your fitness and conditioning.

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ACE Freestyle is a martial art concept that incorporates techniques and theories from several particular martial arts and combat sports.

It’s a physical and mental development program that draws on an array of combat methods from modern martial arts & traditional martial arts.

ACE Freestyle Martial Arts; forms a modern, effective and comprehensive self defence system.

All people training at ACE Martial Arts qualify to grade in the Freestyle system. It is 10 levels in total.