Our Team



Founder & Head Instructor

Hays is the Director and Founder of Australian Combat and Exercise Pty Ltd and its coaching arm ACE Martial Arts.  He has been studying Martial Arts for over 23 years, initially studying numerous styles of Karate and Hapkido. In 1999 Hays rebooted his martial arts career by joining the well-known Double Dragon Martial Arts gym in Sydney under the instruction of Australian Martial Arts legend and kickboxing pioneer, Mick Spinks. Hays began training in Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kung-fu and Dragon Fist Freestyle, with Freestyle/MMA being his main focus……….




Boxing & Kickboxing Instructor

Michael has been training in Boxing, Kickboxing/Muay Thai and Freestyle martial arts for over 6 years. Michael is currently studying his exercise and sports science degree at Wollongong University. He is a passionate martial artist who enjoys all aspects of martial arts coaching. He has also assists in fight preparation for any up and coming fighters. Michael is also an accredited coach under the Australian Sports Commission and Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA)



Instructing in: BJJ/Grappling/Wrestling Instructor, Kickboxing & Certified Personal Trainer

Zein began training at very early age playing rep soccer and rugby league. At the age of 16 he became the Australian power-lifting champion beating previous records held in that organisation. While studying Certificate III and IV in fitness, Zein was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After 1.5 years of BJJ training and minimal stand up (striking) training Zein undertook his first MMA fight in which he won by TKO in the first 2 min. Continuing that success he started studying in other styles including Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, Judo and Wrestling. 4 Years and 5 fights later he succeeded in making The Ultimate Fighter Nations representing Australia.


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Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Yoga Instructor

Chris has Cert III & IV Personal Training, Crossfit Level 1, Yoga Instructor-Power Living, Precision Nutrition and is an ACE Certified Boxing Skills & Fitness Instructor. He as played professional Rugby League, Competition level, touch footy, oztag, crossfit, cricket, basketball, netball, volleyball and athletics. He enjoys yoga, gym, kettlebells, boxing, kickboxing, swimming, gymnastics, acrobatics, acroyoga, snowboarding, kite boarding, SUP, rollerblading and just moving in different ways.



Law Enforcement Specialist & Self Defence Presenter

Anthony presents a range of topics in self-defence and Martial Arts that are often left untouched by other schools. Based on his experience in Law Enforcement, Anthony presents such topics as the legislation surrounding self-defence, situational awareness, common methods of street attacks and tactical disengaging from violent situations. Anthony’s training and experience includes close personal protection, public order and riot operations, criminal investigation specialising in sexual offences, shooting, defensive tactics, Humane Pressure Point Techniques and conflict resolution.  He is also an instructor in Defensive Driving as well as Incident and Emergency Management..……….READ MORE



Head Instructor, Melbourne, Exercise Physiologist

Since 2001, Zak has worked at a special sports school for boys with behavioral problems (as seen on 60 Minutes). He has won several world titles under the International Sports Karate Association, in the areas of weaponry, free forms, and full contact fighting. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and specializes in rehabilitation for muscular-skeletal injuries, Obesity, Diabetes and CVD. Zak is available for seminars & martial arts tuition in Melbourne.

David B_ACE


Kickboxing/Muay Thai Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer

Dave is a passionate coach & personal trainer who specialises kickboxing, Muay Thai, strength and fitness.As a coach Dave is goal oriented and gets enjoyment out of helping people reach their goals in training and life. Through years of study David has experience in martial arts, strength, fitness and nutrition which he combines to help people reach new levels in performance training.



Exercise & Sports Scientist/Strength & Conditioning Coach

Luke Delveccio is one of a few Accredited Sports Scientists in Australia; he develops programs to enhance human performance for sport; in particular combat athletes. Luke is a highly skilled career professional with over 5 years practical experience in corporate health, primary care and occupational rehabilitation environments.  At ACE Martial Arts Luke manages athlete performance by developing programs for boxers, kickboxers, wrestlers and MMA fighters.




- Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness

- ACE Certified Boxing & Kickboxing for Fitness Instructor

Marion is a certified personal trainer & movement coach. An accomplished athlete herself she has competed at National and State League Level in swimming and netball respectively.

Having been exposed to competition from an early age, she knows what it takes to work hard for results and continually strive to improve both mentally and physically.

Marion enjoys boxing & kickboxing for fitness for the killer workout it provides, improvements in strength and power, and the fact you get to unleash in a safe environment. As a coach Marion thrives to build solid foundations, teach new skills, provide guidance, motivation and have fun!



Exercise & Sports Scientist/Strength & Conditioning Coach

James is a very passionate about health, fitness and martial arts. He is currently completing his Masters in Exercise Science at the University of Sydney and potentially do a PhD.